Best Friend For Rent Mobile App

Best Friend For Rent Mobile App

About Best Friend 4 Rent Mobile App

The BestFriend4Rent Mobile App offers users the opportunity to either sign up as a Best Friend and make some money through chatting online to people, or a user may sign up with option to find best friend.

It is free to open an account and our platform offers people opportunity where they can form new friendship connections. People can meet and chat via our online video or audio. Our future users can simply browse online as a guest. 

Best Friend can set up a free account where they charge for their time in blocks of one-minute. These are called Friend Coins and the Friend Coin value in the app is set at £0.10. Users can purchase up to 500 coins in one go to spend on buying time with a Best Friend online. Transaction history and their current Friend Coin balance can be viewed in the Wallet.

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