How to find friends online

How to find friends online

All you have to do is follow instructions here: . To register as a Member takes only couple of minutes.

As our Member if you happen to use our online video chat our advice is to listen to your Best Friend when they speak. You can also show interest in what they are talking about.

Get online, remember your friend name and message them before meeting face to face.

Keep in regular touch with your new friends you found via our website. Use our video chat, send messages, and arrange to go out for coffee or drink.

Treat everyone equally – no matter of their race, disability, or their belief. 

While talking to your friend start with safe topics.

While interacting with any of our Friends please be kind, considerate, friendly and respectful.

And most of all let your friend to get to know you a bit better by answering any questions they may ask.


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