Ideas on how to spend time with your Best Friend

Ideas on how to spend time with your Best Friend is here to help and inspire our Members and Best Friend for Rent on how they can spend time with each other: 

• Give people your time and listen. Listening is a great way to get to know your future Best Friend. Such a simple thing like giving that free time to your friend and listen is true treasure, as so many people simply haven’t got time for each other in the 21st Century;

• Sharing life experiences, asking for advice. There are many people out there who have been through a lot in life and do not have anyone to talk to. By finding that Best Friend you can share your life experiences and ask for advices other Friends;

• Exercise together. A lot of us are lacking in self discipline. But by finding Best Friend who likes exercises (yoga, exercise at the gym, exercise in the park, etc) you can plan training programmes and motivate each other to train regularly;

• Going out for clothes shopping. That’s a difficult task for many but on the other hand many love clothes shopping. But with Best Friend for Rent you can find that happy balance by shopping with Best Friend who loves it if you don’t. Best Friend for Rent who loves shopping could give you advice on where to shop and what to buy;

• Clothes swap with your Best Friend. Organise clothes swapping with Best Friends. Don’t we all get bored of our wardrobe? Use our service to find Friends who want to do clothes swapping with you. This can be a great way of making new friendships.

• Going out for grocery shopping. Your Best Friend for Rent can give you inspiration on how to have a healthy diet. You can both enjoy grocery shopping by sharing shopping tips;

• Cooking together or cooking for your Best Friend. Food brings people together. Cooking with your Best Friend or cooking for your Best Friend can be great way of spending time together and great way to get to know each other;

• Partying together. Going out to parties where you don’t know many people can be distressing. Find that true Friend to take him/her to the party and you won’t feel distressed any more, joining will give you confidence to get to know new people;

• Reading books. If you are a fan of books and you can’t read or have problems focusing while reading, you can Rent Best Friend to read you a book. You and your Best Friend could visit book clubs or go book shopping together;

• Volunteer for charities. There are a lot of charities out there that need our help. By finding your Best Friend who enjoys volunteering you can both do good for your local community by giving your free time.

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