Online Chat Through Lockdown and Beyond

Online Chat Through Lockdown and Beyond

Covid-19 and the various lockdowns have changed the interface of industries, home life, and the entirety of our world. As we’ve learned to live with our ‘new normals’, we’ve had to adapt in many ways. Never before have so many people been subjected to such desperate isolation; hours, days, weeks, and months, confined to your own home, many of us with nobody there to talk to.


As social creatures, many people have sought to find online friendships, online chat, and even looked into a friend for rent. Previous to lockdown these things may not have been a consideration - now they could be a necessity for our emotional wellbeing.

The Importance of Social Connection


Connecting with other people and having a healthy social network is more important than you may think. Social connection, whether it be online or face to face, can help us to regulate our emotions, lower anxiety, and depression and even improve our immune systems!


When you neglect your need to connect with other humans, you could be jeopardising your health. Online connections can be vital during this unprecedented time in our lives.

Post Covid-19 Relationships


Emerging research suggests that lockdowns have re-shaped out social networks, but what does this mean for relationships after Covid-19?


In Britain, it was found that two out of three people experienced loneliness during the first lockdown. Whether you consider your colleagues or fellow Mums on the school run friends or not, the fact is they were still a part of your day-to-day human contact. In addition to acquaintances and colleagues, you could have been spending time with family and friends or speaking to a number of people; in shops, banks, cafes, without really thinking about it.


Then lockdown came.


You’re on your own and the only access you have to socialising is online. Here a whole new world has opened up to you that you may have previously not even known about! Forums for like-minded people, online groups for people who share the same hobby, condition, occupation -  and of course rent a friend websites.


Now you are faced with a chance to really connect with people with who you choose to spend ‘virtual’ time with. You enjoy each other’s company and the hours pass by with your new online friends. You’re part of a new community and look forward to your daily interactions. But, what happens when lockdown ends?


When your time begins to be taken up again with the monotony of everyday life, it can be a concern that new friendships may take a back seat due to your now lack of time. But, if you have a full members access account (at just £5 pm – limited special offer) those friendships are guaranteed to last.


Your online best friend won’t just disappear and through the mobile app, you can continue to communicate throughout the day. Your connection is already there, now it’s time to bring your new best friend into your normal world - where you dress, have washed hair, and even wear outdoor shoes!

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