Tips on creating interesting Best Friend for Rent personal profile

Tips on creating interesting Best Friend for Rent personal profile

• Introduce yourself by either giving your name or nickname;

• Upload only real photos of yourself, make sure that each photo represents your personality;

• Add information about your hobbies;

• Add information about your education;

• Add costs of how much you will be charging for your time. Be creative you can add information like: “I charge £15 for ½ hour,  £30 for 1 hour of my time, we can negotiate if you want to spend more time with me just send me a message”. Hourly charge is purely an example, it is up to you how much you want to earn for meeting with your Best Friend from;

• Add costs of how much you will be charging for Video Chat. For example: “I charge 10 Friend Coins per 1 minute of Video Chat". List you interests.

• Add if you are a good listener (that’s very important as there are many people looking for someone to talk to. You can not only meet your Best Friend face to face and make money but also chat to them online and make money);

• Add what you like doing in your free time;

• Add if you like cooking;

• Add information such as what’s your favourite food, what would be your dream holidays, what are your dreams are in general – you never know there might be a Best Friend out there that might make your dreams come true;

• List your general life experience – you can bond with someone who has similar life experiences; 

• List if you like doing house work / cleaning;

• List if you are good at DIY;

• List if you like volunteering;

• Add if you are interested in sports, list what you are great at and you might find Best Friend that wants to hang out with you for workouts;

• List what subject you were great at school;

• Add some humour to your description;


As Best Friend let everyone know what you are available to be rented for:

• Online live video chat 

• Going out for coffee

• Going out for dinners

• Doing shopping together

• As Best Friend for Rent doing shopping for Members

• Going on holidays together

• Local sightseeing

• Being a guide to someone who travelled to your city

• Training / exercising together

• Horse Riding

• Acting purely as listener

• Sharing life experiences

• Giving people advices

• Acting as Best Friend member family or as their partner

• Going to a wedding together

• Family gatherings

• Business trips

• Playing games together

• Meeting someone with disability

• Teaching Best Friend a foreign language

• Teaching Best Friend skills, such as: how to use the computer, etc.

• Sharing life difficulties due to disabilities

• Sharing your time with lonely / retired people.

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