Top tips for finding your new best friend online

Top tips for finding your new best friend online

Whether you’re well-experienced in forming friendships online, or brand-new to the idea of online friendship it can feel a little daunting knowing where to start. How do you find a friend online? Is a friend for rent an option? Or, should you just stick to online chat and see where it leads?


The most important thing to remember is that it should be fun. If it doesn’t feel comfortable or you’re not enjoying your online chat, stop. That’s the beauty of online friendship, you can walk away easily. Of course, the downside is that someone can also do this to you.


In this guide, we’re going to provide the top tips for finding your new best friend online and the tips will also help you to maintain that online friendship.

Finding your new best friend online


When you’re looking for a new best friend online you likely know the kind of friend you’re looking for. Finding a match is simple, you enter in your details and the details of the kind of friend you are looking for. Your matches will then be displayed and you can see the profiles of the people who fit your criteria.


A profile will show a picture of the member, their age, sexuality, and location. It will also reveal a little more about them, including their hobbies and interests and what kind of friendship they are looking for. If you are interested in a profile, you can then send a message (providing you’re a member) and begin your friendship journey.

Top tips for finding your new best friend online


Although it looks, and is easy, to start your search for a new best friend online. Here are a few tips to help the process run smoothly - with higher chances of a successful outcome:


  1. Build your own profile - Much like a dating profile you want to show yourself in the best light, but it’s important to always be honest. A friendship is formed around honesty, if it is revealed later down the line that you’re in fact 10 years older than you said, or 5 stone heavier, your new friend may wonder what else you’ve been dishonest about and the friendship could crumble.
  2. Be honest with your search - You don’t need pages of matches to find your best friend, it is quantity over quality. Be honest with your expectations. If you only want a heterosexual female friend, who lives in London and is aged between 20-30, only search for this. If she isn’t there immediately, she soon will be and it’ll be worth the wait.
  3. Be patient - You don’t need to dive in headfirst and message multiple people or respond in depth to every message you receive. This should be a fun outlet, taking on too much is more like an admin job than a friendship role. Take your time and sit it out, someone just like you will be doing the very same thing.
  4. Be friendly - A few kind words can make a person’s day. If a person with who you don’t feel you could form a compatible friendship with approaches you, be kind - always. You never know what it took for that person to reach out and often the greatest friendships come unexpectedly!


Hopefully, this guide will help you a little with your search for a new best friend online. The first step is always the hardest, but the best things don’t come knocking on your door. Your future self could really thank you for reaching out and finding that perfect best friend.

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