General Questions

What is is Website that connects like-minded Friends. offers services where our Members can rent a Best Friend to spend time together. Best Friend by opening their account with us can offer their friendship and their time to people. We also offer online video chat.

Is a dating service? is not a dating service, we connect people to find true friends. connects like-minded friends by online video chats or simply by meeting face to face.

What makes a unique service?

Bestfriend4rent does the work, you just meet your Best Friend online or face to face, and have a great time; is here for you. If you want to ask about our services just contact us, and we will answer your question as soon as possible; provides face to face experience. To get to know your True Friend our users have two options: meeting face to face or video chat via our Website. Best Friends can earn money with our service!


How does it work? Subscription gives you: Full access to communicate with Best Friend for Rent and to then arrange to meet up; it also gives you possibility to Video Chat with Best Friend for Rent for a small fee; Best Friend for Rent fees may vary. Our Best Friends can meet face to face or only in a virtual world.

How to cancel subsription?

To cancel any subscription go to your account, then subscription, then finally press cancel subscription.

Online Video Chat

What is Video Chat?

Video Chat is place where Members for a small fee – value of one Friend Coin is £0.10 – can chat safely online with their Best Friend For Rent. All Best Friend’s chat time starts with 1 minute, fee is detailed at each Friend’s accounts. Charge per each minute of Video Chat is in value of Friend Coins.

What are Friend Coins?

Friend Coins have value in British Pound of £0.10. One Friend Coin = £0.10. Buy Friend Coins and start Chatting live with your Best Friend today!

How Can I buy Friend Coins?

To buy Friend Coins as a Member, go to your account and click on: Video Chat, then click on: Friend Coins Top up, and choose right package for you .

How many Friend Coins do I have to buy?

It all depends how much your Best Friend is charging for video chat. And it all depends how long chat will last for. So let’s say your chat will last only 1 minute and your Friend will be charging 10 Friend Coins for one minute, that will = £1.00.


What is Best Friend For Rent account?

Best Friend For Rent account is free. It gives Best Friend For Rent opportunity to earn great money. As Best Friend For Rent you set your fees for each minute of Video Chat or for each hour spend with our Member face to face. Great feature on Best Friend For Rent account is Video Chat – which gives you opportunity to earn money. Open an account with and start earning today!

What is Member account? Member account gives you opportunity to find real friend and it is free, but to have full access to Best Friend For Rent accounts / to be able to contact them or to video chat online with them there are cheap subscription plans.

Meeting up and Chatting online with Best Friends

Do I have to meet up with my Best Friend?

You do not have to meet up with your Best Friend. It is down to your personal choice whom you want to meet face to face.

Do I have to chat to everyone?

You don't have to chat to everyone. As a Member and as a Best Friend For Rent you decide whom you want to chat to.

How safe is it to meet face to face?

Bestfriend4rent would like to strongly advice to do your own research before you meet. Bestfriend4rent always advice to meet in public places and before you meet up please let your family member where you are going to meet. Bestfriend4rent does not carry checks on individual members. You can use our online chat service to speak to someone instead of meeting face to face. Before you make decision about meeting up face to face please read our safety tips.

Best Friend 4 Rent virtual Friend Coins

What are Friend Coins?

Friend Coins is our virtual currency of BestFriend4Rent Service. Friend Coins can be purchased via our service. Value of one Friend Coin = £0.10.

How to purchase Friend Coins?

Our Users can purchase Friend Coins any time, to do so log in to your account and go to: My account, then: Video Chat, then: You can top up your Friend Coins. There are different options of payments via our service like: PayPal, Credit or Debit Card payment. All of our payment options are fast and fully secured.

How to start live video chat with Best Friend?

To start Video Chat simply log into your Member Account, go to: Video Chat, choose friend whom you want to chat to, and top up Friend Coins.

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