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About me

Name: Kelly
Gender: Straight Female
Age: 37 years old
Location: New York, NY, USA

My looks

Height: Short
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Body Type: Athletic/Muscular
Ethnicity: African American

More Info

Friends with: Everyone
Languages: English

Contact information / Available only to registered Members

I’m available for...

Phone Friend, Email Penpal, Introduce you to people, Wingman / Wingwoman, Poetry/Art/Drawing, Coffee House, Book Stores, Bowling, Site Seeing, Hot Air Balloon, Photography, Zoo, Music, Teaching Manners, Baking / Cooking, Museums, Amusement Parks, Wine Tasting, Friends with Seniors, Going To Park, Prom Dates, Personal Advice, Business Events, Parties, Hanging Out, Beach, Giving Tours, Movies, Dinner, Clubbing, Going to Bar, Sporting Events, Family Functions, Travel, Outdoors, Arcades, Video Games, Picnics, Casino, Yoga, Religious, Comedy Club, Shopping

I can organize a group of people to hang out with (for a party, big event,etc).

Hello there!

I have lived in the NYC area for nearly 10 years and love having fun! Some of my favorite things are movies, restaurants, arts and culture events, karaoke, and live music. I am the person that my friends go to when they want to find out what is going on in the city, and I am very tuned into entertainment events in the area. I work from home and love to travel, so I'm always up for an adventure! I also have a degree in psychology and am known for my honesty, so online convos (advice or just general chit-chat) are great as well. I look forward to meeting you (in-person or virtually)!

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    Spangles (44), Slovakia
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