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Burn Khajuria
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About me

Name: Burn Khajuria
Gender: Straight Male
Age: 33 years old
Location: India

My looks

Height: Average
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Asian

More Info

Friends with: Straight Men, Straight Women, Gay Women, Bi Women
Languages: English, Hindi

Contact information / Available only to registered Members

I’m available for...

Phone Friend, Email Penpal, Coffee House, Bowling, Site Seeing, Photography, Zoo, Music, Baking / Cooking, Personal Advice, Hanging Out, Movies, Dinner, Swimming, Biking, Shopping

I am wiling to waive the fee depending on what are planing on doing.

Hello there!

A fun-loving person who loves to go for long drives at night for no reason. Loves to discuss ideas and help people with my personal experience in various fields of life. Loves coffee, music, and programming(little out of the blue ;P).

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    Keke (28), New York, NY, USA
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    cheska (31), Sweden
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    Samuel (31), Birmingham, UK
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    Zeta (19), Indonesia
  • Image person
    Burn (33), India
  • Image person
    Cass Bass (23), Abilene, TX, USA
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    Erin (24), Saint Louis, MO, USA
  • Image person
    Amondo (41), Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Image person
    London guy (52), London, UK
  • Image person
    Spangles (44), Slovakia
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