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About me

Name: Taylor
Gender: Bi Female
Age: 20 years old
Location: Selma, AL, USA

My looks

Height: Very Short
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Other
Body Type: Full Figured
Ethnicity: Caucasian

More Info

Friends with: Everyone
Languages: English

Contact information / Available only to registered Members

I’m available for...

Phone Friend, Email Penpal, Book Stores, Photography, Hanging Out, Beach, Going to Bar, Travel, Outdoors, Swimming, Video Games, Shopping

I am wiling to waive the fee depending on what are planing on doing.

Hello there!

Hi there I'm Tiny Panda and I am looking for someone that I can travel with and hangout with! I live in America, I like to do all sorts of things like playing video games, my favorite is god of war. I am a PS console player along with Nintendo, I really enjoy horror movies and horror video games!I also like to watch anime and read manga when I can. I am currently attending university and I hope to graduate within the next few years. I love making friends with anyone ☺️.

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    Hangra (33), Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Image person
    Erika (36), London, UK
  • Image person
    Tony (37), Eustis, FL, USA
  • Image person
    Izabela (23), Brasil
  • Image person
    Vicke (38), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Image person
    KellyNYC (37), New York, NY, USA
  • Image person
    Israfil (21), Jammu and Kashmir
  • Image person
    Rofi (20), Surabaya, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia
  • Image person
    Amy (32), UK
  • Image person
    Jenn (36), Plano, TX, USA
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