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Mandy, 32


I am looking for my true friend. Mesage me only if you have true intensions of a friendship.😀

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Amy Holderness

Amy, 32


I am looking to speak to people from the comfort of our own homes. I have a lot of spare time around looking after my children and would love to chat to new people.

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Bec, 22


I am a young legal professional looking to make some new friends and get to know you x

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Christina Yeung

Christina, 25


Hi guys,  During this time, I am staying home for most of my time and would like to meet some new friends. I like reading books related to history, literature, and biology. I also love to travel and my favorite country to travel is Japan.  Feel free to ...

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Christopher, 27

Bellefontaine, OH, USA

I am a fun and outgoing person who loves to try new things. I consider myself to be funny but also understanding when need to be. I enjoy helping others and making new friends and I am very adventurous and open to new ideas.

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Liz, 27

San Bernardino, CA, USA

Hello I'm Elizabeth I'm 26 I'm fun loving caring honest sweet and enjoy to have a good time I enjoy trying new things and just enjoying the moment 

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Erika, 36

London, UK

I am a friendly, sociable, adaptable and curious italian girl :-) I like to read, paint, walk and go to parties and out for a drink. I practice yoga, martial arts and I make candles. I love adventures and going to new countries that I haven’t been. I'm fun to...

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Esdras Velásquez

Maca, 22


¡Hola! Soy MACA un chico común y corriente, amante de la buena compañía, gracioso y amigable.😁

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Giny, 30

Leipzig, Germany

Hello, my Name ist Giny.  I live in Leipzig Germany, i am an Open mindet Person. Bi-lingual. Love different cultures and food.  I am totally into Art and my Friends describe me as a creazy buddy.  Ich helfe gerne aus, gebe mit meinen 30 Jahren auc...

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Hangra, 33

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Eu moro no Rio de janeiro, trabalho no período da manhã, amo fazer novas amizades, sou uma pessoa muito amiga, sou muito ouvinte e conselheira.  Sou carismática, gosto de ser verdadeira, gosto de passear, gosto de ler e de viajar.

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Israfil, 21

Jammu and Kashmir

I am a twenty one year old law student, quite fun, bit talkative although more humorous. I am a people person and I love to write. 

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Izabela, 23


Hi, I'm Iza from Brazil, I'm 23 years old, I'm a psychology major and I like to listen to people creating safe spaces

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Jennifer Venters

Jenn, 36

Plano, TX, USA

I am fun and goofy, have flexible schedual, good conversation and listener. Im not afraid to try anything except sky dive.  I love food and travel and spontanious.  love animals kids food water music and good company. Ive got an outfit for every occassion...

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Katherine, 28


Soy buena escuchando si quieres que alguien te escuche y no te juzgue yo puedo ser ese alguien, pero no tan buena dando consejos, lo que vivo me enseña a ser un poquito mas  sabia, siempre buscando buen@s amig@s

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KellyNYC, 37

New York, NY, USA

I have lived in the NYC area for nearly 10 years and love having fun! Some of my favorite things are movies, restaurants, arts and culture events, karaoke, and live music. I am the person that my friends go to when they want to find out what is going on in the city...

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Leighann, 31

Worksop, UK

Hi my names leighann I'm 31 I'm a fun energetic person with the understanding of how important friendship is the need for the support of someone who has your best interests at heart and isn't going to judge you for whatever it is that you want or need support with....

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Malgorzata, 50

Bradford, UK

😊Witam jestem mila ciepla kobietą która kocha zwierzęta. Często słyszę ze biję odemnie Ciepło spokój. Lubię rozmawiać, ale potrafię też rozmawiać. 

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Rofi, 20

Surabaya, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia

Hi! I'm Rofi. Im currently a student majoring in the visual design department, and living in Indonesia. im a really enthusiastic and bubbly person who is down for anything online, listen and give advice to people with empathy, make new bonds and see how things go f...

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Shrishti, 27


I am a very honest person 😊. I have always kept my family’s trust on me and also those people who are connected to me. I don’t talk too much until unless someone is a special one or is very close to me. You can talk to me about anything which you ar...

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Tiny Panda, 20

Selma, AL, USA

Hi there I'm Tiny Panda and I am looking for someone that I can travel with and hangout with! I live in America, I like to do all sorts of things like playing video games, my favorite is god of war. I am a PS console player along with Nintendo, I really enjoy horro...

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Thuyen Vo

Xtina, 26


I'm Xtina and I love listening to people's stories. I have a warm heart and a great friend if you ever need to vent, to share a secret, need some advice or simple listen to you. I'm genuinely happy for your achievements, even the smallest ones. You can find comfort...

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Tom, 31


I'm looking for new friends.😊

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Tony Papa

Tony, 37

Eustis, FL, USA

37yrs. Old/single/Scorpio/easy going/loyal/family first/.

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Vicke, 38

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Unfortunately, it is difficult to open up to friends and family without being the target of criticism, prejudice and judgment. I will be your confidant and online friend. With me you can unburden yourself, have deep conversations and talk about any topic, making s...

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Victoria, 23


Podría decir muchas cosas positivas y atractivas de mi... Pero prefiero que me conozcan y decidan utds mismos. :) 

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